When Logan McCullough asks Payton Wren to join him in exploring an ancient tunnel beneath his house, how could she possibly say no? Logan has been the love of Payton’s life since meeting him three years ago at her cottage in Trent, and she would gladly follow him anywhere. Or so she thought…

Beneath the town of Trent, unbeknownst to its inhabitants, is a labyrinth of tunnels stretching not only across town, but also across time and space. When Payton and Logan finally stumble out, they find themselves to be in what resembles medieval times. As they try to find their way home, Payton discovers that she has the ability to heal with her touch. An ability much coveted by an evil lord who will risk anything to have her do his bidding.

As the pair journey through this mysterious land they discover the power of friendship, loyalty and trust. But most of all, the power of their love.


After an exhausting journey through an alternate dimension, Payton Wren and Logan McCullough thought they had finally reached home, only to discover three glowing moons shining down on them from the sky. Though the new world is almost identical to their own, the pair makes the decision to flee and re-enter the labyrinth of tunnels. Before they make their escape, Logan's mother discovers them.

In this world, unlike their own, Logan's mother has not left her family. Logan decides to remain and find out what went wrong, much to the dismay of Payton who is anxious to leave. Payton learns she has the ability to grant wishes. Federal agents who will do anything to obtain the secret of the well covet her gift.

When the pair is only one wish away from returning to their own world, tragic, unforeseen events land them in a new dimension where Payton has the ability to enter others dreams. A gift that may rescue them from a fate worse than death.

Ella thought having a man wearing a parachute crash into her was her biggest problem, but that was only the beginning. Secret x-wives, old boyfriends, children--expected and unexpected--and intrusive relatives, make for an unforgettable summer for the young widowed mother.

Gabriel is a handsome, sophisticated, world-renowned author. He is attempting to hide out at a quiet lake located just miles from the small town of Caverly, but an unexpected encounter with a beautiful young widow leaves him instantly captivated. Gabriel displays a brave, auspicious face to the world, but is concealing more than his own share of secrets.

Being widowed has made Ella wary of relationships with men, at least the grown-up ones. But thanks to her little boy Calvin, Ella is thrown into one crazy situation after another with a man she wants very much to avoid. When her two cousins arrive in town--carrying more than their usual share of baggage--Ella sees her quiet, predictable life turned into a fiasco by screaming hormones, unrelenting love, jealously and deceit. It becomes apparent that Caverly isn't an isolated or small enough place for her to conceal a deep dark secret that threatens to reveal itself at every turn.